How can I add glue records to my domain?

Glue records are the records that are submitted to the individual registries around the world for different types of domain (e.g. Nominet for .ukdomains, Public Interest Registry for .org domains, etc.) to specify valid nameservers.

How do glue records work?

To understand how glue records work, it's first necessary to understand how DNS resolution works from the ground up.

While it might seem a daunting topic, it's actually deceptively simple.

Essentially, any lookup of a domain starts by looking up the root nameservers.

This lookup will find the nameservers for the type of domain registered (e.g. a .com domain), and then consult those nameservers for thenameservers of the next level of the domain, the domain name (e.g.

The submission of glue records tells the nameservers for the first level of the domain (in this example, .com) what the nameservers for the second level domain is.

The DNS records for the domain are then looked up from the bottom-most level nameservers to locate the server to connect to.

How do I submit glue records?

We no longer charge to submit glue records. Providing the domain name you want to submit records for is held with us (otherwise you will need to contact the domain provider), you can submit them straight from your domain control panel. Here's how:

  1. Open your domain control panel and click "DNS Management".
  2. Add or update A records for the subdomains "ns1" and "ns2", assigning the IP address you want to submit for each record.
  3. Click "Update DNS".

Our system will recognise that "ns1" and "ns2" are not just A records, and in addition to updating our nameservers with the update, will also submit these records as glue records to registries around the world.

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