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Article Why did my domain transfer fail?
Transfers of gTLD domains can fail for a few reasons. To understand why a domain transfer can fail, it's useful to first understand the...
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Article What restrictions are there on the domain name I can choose to register?
Domain Names have a variety of basic rules, in general domains must: - Use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-"). - Cannot begin or end with...
Views: 913
Article My domain transfer into you has failed. Why?
There are many reasons why domain transfers fail. For generic top-level domains (.com etc) they will fail automatically if the domain is...
Views: 890
Article How can I add glue records to my domain?
Glue records are the records that are submitted to the individual registries around the world for different types of domain (e.g. Nominet for...
Views: 836
Article Will I be advised of the renewal of my domain?
Yes, you will. We will start emailing you in respect of this 30 days before the date of renewal and allow you the option to either renew...
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